How to Contact Wix Customer Service: Everything You Need to Know

How to Contact Wix Customer Service: Everything You Need to Know

First off, let's make one thing clear:

This guide is one hundred percent purely about Wix customer service. It is NOT about how good of a website builder Wix is, when and how it started, how good its templates are, or how cheap or expensive it is. Nope, none of it.

Our sole purpose with this is to help you — the Wix customer — know how to get the best support from Wix in a satisfactory manner and in the shortest possible period of time, if you ever needed such customer support (and because you're reading this right now, it appears you are actually looking for Wix support).

If you're rather looking for a hands-on review on Wix, we recommend you check out any of our Wix comparison articles:

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Each of these reviews cover Wix in great detail including their pricing plans, features, functionality, pros/cons, and much more.

Okay, so now that we've gotten that out of the way, let's get into the meat of this article.

What is the State of Wix Customer Service?

It is important to note that Wix is one of the most popular website builders on the web, with an impressive customer base of about 150 million users all over the world.

Given these statistics, one would want to know how satisfactorily has this website builder been providing support to its rather very large customer base? 

One of our in-house staff posted as a customer of Wix to test their support systems and get a first-hand experience from it.

We also decided to run some research on the experiences of users with Wix customer service, and boy, were we utterly disappointed? Disappointment is perhaps a soft noun to use here. 

With its massive user base, you'd expect that Wix would at least provide its customers with some level of acceptable customer support. However, our research found the exact opposite. 

We found that for years, Wix has been a letdown in terms of their customer service. People have been complaining for years that Wix customer support is unsatisfactory at best.

For instance, have a look at this set of real-world customer complaints we found on Facebook:

(Click to enlarge each image)

And these:

One customer even observed that Wix customer support has remained the same for years:

One customer even observed that Wix customer support has remained the same for years:

Thinking it's only on Facebook? Well, how about you also see these 1500+ disappointing reviews we found on TrustPilot:

And more:

In short, here's what Wix's overall rating on TrustPilot looks like:

We can go on and on (there are thousands of such complaints about Wix everywhere), but you get the point: Wix customer service literally sucks!

Are you getting the impression that this blog is about how bad the Wix customer service is? It's NOT. In fact, this is being written to help Wix customers get better service from their chosen service provider. The idea is to help you get the best support from Wix in the shortest possible period of time. 

So let's get to that part. After all, Wix — the core software — in itself is somewhat of a great tool and millions of people are using it.

How to Get the Most Out of Wix Customer Service

Wix offers three major touchpoints for getting help from them:

  1. Wix Help Center
  2. Wix 24/7 Customer Care Experts
  3. Wix Social Channels

We will discuss each of these in detail and show you how to use each one to get the best results possible.

Wix Help Center

The Wix Help Center is an online portal with how-to content pieces and walk-throughs, including videos, tutorials, and demos. It is designed to give you helpful information about every aspect of the Wix platform.

All you need to do is type your query in the search box on the upper center of the screen, and results with relevant information will start popping up.

Here's how to use the Wix online Help Center:

Step #1: Log in to your Wix account

It is NOT necessary for you to be logged in to your Wix account before you are able to access the Help Center. But for the best results, we recommend you sign in to your account before using it.

Step #2: Go to the Help Center

You can go to the Help Center by selecting "Help" on the top menu and then clicking on "Visit Help Center" if you've logged in to your account.

Alternatively, you can go directly to

Step #3: Type your query

Start typing your query in the search box. To get the most helpful results from the Help Center, keep your queries short and concise. As an example, instead of typing “how can I connect a domain I own,” use a more concise search query like "connecting domains."

Step #4: Select the relevant result

Once you start typing in your query, different options with relevant information will pop up. If you see the answer to your query, click on it.

If you don’t, then click on “See all results” to view even more content. This will display more available information related to your query.

If after trying to get help from the online Help Center you're still stuck with the problem, it might be time to get over to option #2 — Wix Customer Care Experts.

Wix Customer Care Experts

Wix Customer Care is a customer-only accessible part of Wix which offers a 24/7 live support to users.

While the Wix Customer Care area will first allow you to find solutions to your Wix problems in the form of pre-created tutorials, the main aim is to connect you with experts (real people) who can help you via phone calls or email.

Using Wix Customer Care, you can get help with issues around:

  1. Billing, charges, and subscriptions 
  2. Domains 
  3. Mailboxes
  4. Editor, ADI, and live sites
  5. Accounts and site settings
  6. SEO, marketing tools, and analytics
  7. Wix stores
  8. Accepting payments
  9. Wix media
  10. Others

Here's how to use the Customer Care option:

Step #1: Log in to your account

You'll first need to log in to your Wix account from a computer to be able to access the Customer Care section of the site.

Step #2: Go to the Contact Page

Once logged in, visit Wix's Contact Page. You can access it directly at

Step #3: Next, select the category in which you need help

So let's say you need help with connecting and managing your domains; you'll simply have to select "Domains."

Step #4: Get more specific

Next, another box with relevant options will pop just below the first and bigger one. This is where you can find more specific categories for your problem.

In our example, let's choose "Connect a Domain (Purchased Elsewhere) to Wix."

Step #5: Go through the automated content, if available

You might find an answer with the help of Wix's automated suggestions. This usually has video tutorials or articles relevant to the specific category you picked, just like this:

Step #6: Request a callback

If there's no relevant automated content or you're simply not satisfied with the content provided, then you can finally request a callback.

Wix Request Callback

If you didn't find an answer to your query, you can move on to request a callback from Wix. Wix callback let's you schedule one-on-one phone calls with a Wix experts who'll be able to help you with whatever issue you are experiencing.

To schedule a callback, you can call Wix Call Center on this Wix customer service number:

1-800-6000-WIX (949)

The Wix support number works internationally.

But here's the thing - even if you call Wix with the Wix contact number, no one is going to talk to you live.

Instead, when you call, you'll receive a text message or some sort of directive that simply asks you to go to to request a callback or submit a ticket.

Here are the steps:

Step #1: Click on the "Request Callback" button

Just below the "Solve your issue" box, another box will pop up. Simply click on the Wix Request Callback button within the "Contact Us" box to initiate a callback request.

Step #2: Enter your details

Once you’ve clicked on the button, a new box will open up that looks like this:

Simply select your country code, enter your phone number, and add your description to allow Wix experts to know what they can help you with.

Step #3: Contact Wix support

Click on the "Request Callback" button to submit.

Don't forget, apart from the steps outlined above, it is also possible to request a callback through Wix phone support with the number we showed you above.

Wix phone support is available only during these operating hours:




All week long (24/7)


Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm GMT


Monday-Friday from 3am-8pm EST


Monday-Friday from 3am-8pm EST


Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm GMT+1


Monday-Friday from 9am-6pm GMT+2

To speed up your callback response time, you'd want to be specific about your issue by selecting the category that best describes what you want. This saves time by directing you to a specialized Customer Care Expert for that particular issue.

When you schedule a callback, Wix will automatically send you a confirmation email with the details of your request. Should you need to cancel or reschedule, you can easily do so from that Wix email.

What if you scheduled a call but no one called back? Well, if that's the case then simply submit a ticket.

Submitting a Ticket

By submitting a ticket, a Wix Customer Care Expert will look into your complaint and ensure you are contacted as soon as possible.

Here's how to submit a ticket:

Step #1: Go to the same Wix Contact Page

The "Submit a Ticket" option is also available on the same box where you saw "Request Callback."

Step #2: Click on "Submit a Ticket"

This time, instead of clicking on the callback request option, you will need to select the option below it — Submit a Ticket.

Step #3: Complete the form

Fill the form that opens up. It looks something like this:

Give your issue a title and describe it for Wix experts to understand. You can also upload a file of not more than 5MB to enable the support staff understand your problem better.

See what our example looks like:

Step #4: Submit your request

Click on "Submit a ticket" to send it over to the experts.

After submitting the ticket, you'll receive an email notification. Here is what it says:

Wix actually got back to our in-house staff with this email response the same day:

So after all, maybe Wix have improved on their support and aren't as bad as we found in those reviews on Facebook, TrustPilot, etc.

Here are some tips for getting a better and faster support via tickets:

  • Again, categorize your issue in order to save time. When you specify your issue, your ticket is directed to a specialized Customer Care Expert.
  • Your ticket should be as descriptive as possible. Add all the technical details including your site name and page name.
  • If you are submitting a ticket related to billing, be sure to select Billing, Charges & Subscriptions on the Wix Contact Page. 
  • In order to prevent confusion, and to speed up response time, refrain from submitting more than one ticket for the same case.

Wix Live Chat

Keep in mind that submitting a ticket does not mean a support staff will immediately start chatting with you.

In fact, Wix does not currently offer support via live chat although they let users who want to see a Wix customer service chat feature vote for its inclusion in the Wix support ecosystem. You can go here to vote for a Wix live chat feature.

Submitting a ticket makes it possible for a staff to pick up your complaint and start working on it. You can see comments from the experts on your issue and can also add comments if you want. Here's what the discussion board looks like:

Wix Social Channels

Wix has an active online community on Facebook, as well as on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

They have at least a community manager that manages these social channels. So if you go to any of those social pages to post an honest complaint, the community manager will most likely connect you with the right expert who can provide you with appropriate support.

Here are the official support handles for each of the platforms:





LinkedIn LinkedIn page



Wix also sometimes posts updates and tips on these social media pages, providing users with the best practices for using the platforms.

Here's how you can get customer support from the various Wix social media pages:


  • You can write your complaint on Wix Facebook page timeline. They will respond with the solution or direct you to one of their experts.
  • You can send them a direct message via Messenger. They typically take about an hour to reply messages here.


  • Wix's main Twitter handle is @Wix. But for those who want customer support, you'll need to tweet your queries and complaints to @WixHelp. A customer support team member from the company will respond within a few hours.


  • Here is how you can use LinkedIn to get in touch with the customer support representative directly: Go to Wix LinkedIn page, view their employees, search for customer support representatives within the company, and send them a connection request. Once they've accepted your connection request, send them your query via a LinkedIn message.


  • To get in touch with Wix customer support via Instagram, simply send your query via message on their Instagram page.

It looks like their current community manager is Jessica Highland. It also seems possible to reach her via email on community (at) wix (dot) com.

Other Ways of Getting Wix Support

Other than the three support systems we've discussed above, here are three more ways you can get Wix support:

  • Wix Partners
  • Wix VIP support
  • Wix Academy

Let's discuss these three to see what they are about.

Wix Partners

Wix Partners are certified freelancers and agencies that offer Wix-specific services and help in the Wix Marketplace. All you have to do as a Wix customer is go over to the Wix Marketplace, get matched with the right Wix Partner, and they'll provide you with the service or support you need help with.

Being experts, Wix Partners can work on many different types of sites using the Wix platform — business, online store, photography, events, blog, portfolio, and so much more — as long as Wix supports it.

Here's a list of the services you can get from Wix Partners at the Wix Marketplace:

  • All web design services including mobile design, classic website design, advanced web design, redesigning of existing Wix sites, etc.
  • All web development services including coding, custom site functionalities, third-party integrations, custom input forms, custom behavior, content with databases, etc.
  • All eCommerce services including online store development, online store custom design, advanced store capabilities, store optimization, store settings, etc.
  • Marketing and promotion services including SEO, ads setups, written content, email marketing, etc.
  • Graphic design services like custom logo design, brand development, visual content design, etc.
  • Small tasks including connecting domains, site updates, Google Analytics setup, Facebook pixels, professional email setup, and so on.

There are two ways you can choose Wix Partners on the Wix Marketplace:

  1. Searching for a Wix Partner
  2. Submitting a project request

Let's go over the details:

  1. Searching for a Wix Partner

You can search for a Wix Partner on your own in the Wix Marketplace.

How do you do this? Wix Marketplace allows you to filter your searches by the following strings:

  • Service
  • Price
  • Location
  • Language

This allows you to find a Wix Partner that will be the best fit for your project.

Once you've found a potential Partner that looks right for you, you can click through to explore their profiles, view projects they've worked on in the past, and learn more about each Partner generally.

If you're satisfied with their experience, you can go ahead and submit your request and get a quote directly from the Partner.

Once the Partner has replied (Wix Partners typically reply to partnership requests within one business day), simply go over the project details and price they've quoted to decide if you'd like to hire them.

Here are the steps involved in searching for a Wix Partner:

Step #1: Go to the Wix Marketplace. You can access the Wix Marketplace via this URL:

Step #2: Click on "Explore Services"

Step #3: Select the service you'd like. You can edit the filters to improve your search results

Step# 4: Learn about the partner

Step #5: Submit your request

  1. Submitting a project request

The other way of choosing a Wix Partner is by submitting a project request. 

How does this work?

Basically, this is about Wix helping you find a Partner based on your needs. You simply provide the details of your project request by answering a few short questions; Wix reviews your request, and finally matches you with Partners that best suit your needs. 

Here are the steps to submitting a project request:

Step #1: Go to the Wix Marketplace

Step #2: Click on the button that says "Find Me a Wix Partner"

Step #3: Fill in the details of your request and click on "Next" 

Step #4: Enter your contact details and click "Submit."

Just as it is with the first approach, you will hear back from a Partner within one business day. Once that happens, you can discuss the project details and price with the Partner to decide if they're the perfect fit for your needs.

It's important to note that upon hiring a Wix Partner, it is up to you and the Wix Partner to determine the costs and terms of your agreement. Wix would often stay out of disputes between you and Partners you've selected to work with.

It is also important to note that once you submit a request for a project quote, you can decide on the best way to communicate between the two of you, which means it does not necessarily have to be within the Wix Marketplace.

Wix VIP Support

What is Wix VIP support all about?

Well, to understand this, it's necessary to first have an understanding of Wix premium plans.

Wix has two categories of offerings - one is called "Website" and the other "Business & eCommerce." 

Each of these categories of offerings has a set of plans. Here is what that looks like:

Website plans:

  • Connect domain
  • Combo
  • Unlimited
  • VIP

Business and eCommerce plans:

  • Business Basic
  • Business Unlimited
  • Business VIP

These Premium plans are premium offerings which give users all the features included in the other plans and more. But the game-changer with these plans is that you get what Wix calls "FIRST PRIORITY SUPPORT."

This is what the Wix VIP support is about — by paying more, you get a "VIP access" to a first priority, dedicated customer support other Wix users can only wish for.

To receive VIP priority customer care, the user must be logged in to their VIP account from a computer. Once they're in, the user will be able to submit a ticket or request a VIP callback.

Here are the languages and times VIP support is available:




All week long (24/7)


Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm GMT


Monday-Friday from 3am-8pm EST


Monday-Friday from 3am-8pm EST


Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm GMT+1


Monday-Friday from 9am-6pm GMT+2

Wix Academy

The Wix Academy is an online library of resources with content on how to build, manage, and grow your business.

Although the information provided in this library is not directly about using the core Wix tools, it is an avenue through which Wix users can learn some best practices for their Wix-powered businesses.

The academy has content on topics such as website building, landing page, email marketing, and eCommerce.

Best Tasks for Getting Support

In this section, we will quickly walk you through some of the tasks you can get support from Wix for. This will help you know whether or not Wix is in the best position to help you when you're faced with any one of the problems listed below. 



Minor technical fixes

Wix Help Center

Advanced technical fixes

Wix callback

Web design tasks

Wix Partners

Wix development

Wix Partners

Billings issues

Wix callback

Dashboard confusion

Wix Help Center or Wix social channels

Business growth

Wix Academy

Prioritized or serious needs

Wix VIP support or Wix Partners

Wix website content

Wix Partners

SEO and marketing

Wix Academy or Wix Partners

Site migration to Wix

Wix Customer Care Experts

Site optimization

DIY or Wix Partners

Custom site features

Wix Partners

Third-party services integrations

Wix Partners

Security needs

Wix callback

Hosting and domains

Wix Help Center or Wix Customer Care Experts

Best Practices for Getting the Most Out of Wix Support

  1. Understand Your Problem

Most customers would jump out of the blue to ask for help without fully understanding what the problem is. This has always resulted in bad customer service from the other end.

Why? Because there's no way a customer care representative will be able to offer you the best help if you don't even know exactly what you need help with.

So first, study your problem carefully before reaching out to support. And when presenting your issue, be sure to provide enough details to enable the other person to help you the best way they can.

  1. Engage on Social Media

If you've tried resolving your issues with Wix (or with any other company for that matter) but you're being tossed around or the company simply isn't prioritizing your needs, it might be a good move to engage them publicly on social media.

Here's why this works:

Most companies are usually very protective of their brand image. They typically don't want the outside world and potential customers to see them as being unresponsive. As a result, if you contact them publicly and make it known that they've not been responsive to your query or that your experience with them is becoming unsatisfactory, they'll most likely respond quickly.

  1. Get a VIP Premium Account

As mentioned above, Wix VIP account comes with first priority support.

By getting the VIP premium account, you will always have someone to actually help you whenever you contact their support, not just to pass you around. Having or not having a dedicated account manager can be the difference between why Wix might be the best website builder for you and vice versa.


No matter how tech-savvy you are, it's not uncommon for you to come to a point in your Wix experience when you feel like you could use some help.

There are a lot of reports and complaints about how terrible Wix support has been over the years. But if you know exactly where to look, what to look for, and how to make the most of it, you can get optimal support that gets the job done for you. And that's exactly what we've brought to your attention in this post.

To recap, here are the most effective options for getting Wix support:

  • Wix Help Center
  • Wix callback request
  • Wix customer service chat
  • Wix customer service phone number [1-800-6000-WIX (949)]
  • Wix customer support via ticket submissions
  • Wix help on Twitter
  • Wix help on Facebook
  • Wix help on LinkedIn
  • Wix help on Instagram
  • Wix Partners
  • Wix VIP support
  • Wix Academy

You can always almost find support for any Wix issues you encounter by looking at one of these options.

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