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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Keevi?
Keevi is a content repurposing application that lets you:
Search for great content
Repurpose content in many different formats
Distribute repurposed content to many different channels.
Keevi is currently in Beta and we have just launched Keevi Studio.
You can use it to create beautiful videos quickly and share on social media.
As we build the product, we will be launching more features incrementally. Stay tuned! :)
Why is Keevi Free?
Keevi is currently in Beta. As we launch more features, we want you to use the application and create as much great content as possible within minutes.
Right now more than money is your feedback. Nothing would make us more happy than helping you create great content. Please just give us a lot of feedback so we can keep improving and building. :)
In future we will charge for the product, but most of the features will remain Free.
What kind of content can I create with Keevi?
For now you can create beautiful videos. There are a ton of cool Editing features you can use.
You can also create multilingual videos.
We will be adding more features shortly.
How do i search for content?
By simply entering a topic or keyword in ‘Search’.