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add audio to video

How to Add Audio to video? Or how to Add Audio to MP4? In this simple step by step guide, we will show you how to add audio to a video in a few seconds. Without any download required. 

Follow the steps to Add Audio to Video:

  1. Type ‘Keevi’ in Google
  2. Click on ‘Upload’ to upload Video you want to add Audio to
  3. Click on ‘Add Media’
  4. Click on ‘Add Audio’.
  5. Select the Audio file you want to add on your video online
  6. Change the start/end time of video. Reduce or increase volume of the added Audio
  7. Click on ‘Export’ to render and Download the video. 

As well as adding Audio to your videos, you can also use Keevi to add:

👉 Subtitles

👉 Text

👉 Animations

👉 Emojis

👉 Images

👉 Trim Video

👉 Crop

👉 Rotate

👉 Etc

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