Volusion Review: Should You Even Use this Online Store Builder?

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Volusion is a cloud-based online store builder. Established in 1999, it was started as a web design company by a 16-year-old entrepreneur, Kevin Sproles.

In 2002, Volusion launched its first version of the e-commerce website for its users. Since then, it has helped around 180,000 entrepreneurs build their online stores.

In this Volusion review, we will discuss in detail all that Volusion has to offer. What are its pros and cons? And does it offer value for money? In the end, you would be able to identify, whether the platform meets your requirements or not? Or should you consider using it or shift to some other online store builder.

Before moving ahead, let’s quickly look at the platform’s pros and cons:


Pros Cons
Volusion has professionally designed sleek templates
It’s not beginner-friendly. That means it is going to consume a lot of your time to understand the platform
Once you get the hang of the platform, using it is not complex
It does not have drag and drop element that means it is also going to take a lot of your time and would limit your creativity
Has multiple important built-in tools and widgets
There are only 45 templates in its collection. Moreover, only 11 templates are free of cost
Volusion has mobile-responsive templates and you can make changes via coding
Phone call support is not available 24/7. Moreover, in its personal plan, only online help is available
You can swipe between the templates without losing any content
Only the most expensive plan offers VIP support
There’s an app marketplace
Volusion does not offer a blogging platform
Tracking the inventory and sales is so easy that you can manage it from your account dashboard
It does not offer any free plan
Most of the security tools are free
The free trial lasts for 14 days only
Offers many marketing tools such as Google customer review, Facebook store, Deal of the day, Coupons and Discounts, etc
Comes with 40+ payment methods that means you can sell your products across the globe
It allows the POS (Point of sale) system. That means you can also sell your products from your physical store and keep the record online
You can sell both products, physical as well as digital. (Previous version of Volusion did not allow to sell digital products)

Ease of Use

If we compare the latest version of the platform with the previous one, it has improved its user interface a lot. Everything is right in front of you. You can track your sales right from the dashboard. Moreover, making strategic decisions would be timely and backed by stats. Now inventory or stock management is not a big deal.

Not only this, you will get support videos in the dashboard. The latest version offers an amazing on-boarding walk-through experience. It is mainly focused on online store building and less on website building and its customization.

You can make changes in theme pictures and text using the editor. You can upload product images and add a caption along with it. Not only this you can also bulk-upload the products as well.

The good part is you will be having a preview of your changes side by side. That means you would not need to go back and forth to view the changes, saving you precious time.

Volusion Templates

Volusion second version (V2) templates are much improved. 45 in total with 11 of them free and the remaining costing $180 each, these templates are complete, professionally designed and visually appealing.

Volusion Templates
Credits: https://www.volusion.com/v1/themes

These templates cover the following categories:

  • Textile
  • Fashion
  • Health & Fitness
  • Food
  • Baby accessories
  • Music
  • Artwork
  • Handicraft
  • Pets
  • Engineering
  • Beauty
  • Medical
  • Travelling

Volusion has an edge over its competitors. It would let you change a template at any time without losing content.

Volusion would also let you edit the template via HTML/CSS. Moreover, all the templates are mobile responsive and can also be used across all the devices.

Volusion App Store

Volusion has 900 built-in features. Therefore, you may not need third-party integrations in the initial stages of the online store building.

However, as your online business grows, you may require third party applications integration. For that there is a Volusion app marketplace where you can get a lot of applications, including apps for:

  • Accounting
  • Business Resources
  • Channel Management
  • Customer Management
  • Design
  • Domain Registration
  • Dropshipping
  • Email marketing
  • Fulfilment
  • Live Chat
  • Marketing

Furthermore, with the help of a developer you can access the Volusion API and make any kind of tool integration, making tools and apps integration in Volusion limitless.

Volusion App Store


Dropshipping is becoming a trend worldwide. With Volusion you can make use of this method. 


You can deal-in many categories such as:

  • General electronic merchandise
  • Computer accessories
  • Speakers
  • Pet food and supplies
  • Tools and fencing
  • Home and lifestyle
  • Garden & Pond
  • Lawn
  • Woman’s fashion apparels
  • Printed apparel and accessories
  • Camping and outdoor
  • Eco-friendly home and grocery
  • Skateboarding gear
  • Costumes

In addition, you can use Doba and Kole Imports for dropshipping – both apps available in the Volusion app marketplace.

Volusion Ecommerce

Payment Methods

There are around 40+ payment methods available, helping you sell products across the globe.

These payment methods include Paypal or wire transfer. In addition, Volusion has its own payment method i.e., Volusion Payments, however, it only works in the U.S.

Unlike many other online store builders, Volusion does not charge transaction fees. That gives Volusion a competitive advantage over its competitors.


Volusion also facilitates POS (Point of sale), that means you can sell your products live (face to face). You can connect a bar-code scanner, receipt printer and credit card swiper with your Volusion account.


You can select the shipping option based on the region/country. Moreover, you can also select the estimated delivery date and shipping charges (by weight).

Inventory management

Volusion allows you to manage inventory by assigning products unique codes to measure their sales and inventory.


The built-in tax calculator will automatically calculate the tax for you based on the U.S. tax laws and regulations. However, you can change the settings if you want to calculate taxes for another country.


A number of useful marketing tools such as customer reviews, Facebook store, deal of the day etc., are available though not with every plan. Different plans come with different sets of marketing tools.

Google Customer Review

This feature would allow users to enable customer reviews.

In the world of e-commerce, online shoppers would always prefer to read the product/online store reviews first. Adding social proof can increase the trust towards users’ sites and products.

Facebook Store

The Facebook store would help the shoppers directly purchase the products from Facebook without the need to visit the site.

Deal of the Day

You can create attraction and urgency for a particular product by offering a discount for a specific period of time by using the “Deal of the day” feature.

You can include such deals in the menu bar and Volusion would automatically create a landing page for you. You therefore won’t need a third-party app to add this feature into your online store.


You can also add coupons and discounts as a marketing strategy for your online store.

coupons and discounts

Volusion SEO

Volusion comes with advanced built-in SEO tools. You can quickly get the featured snippet place through SEO optimization, where the potential customer would be able to see your products, pricing, rating stars and other store information, etc.

In case if you’re wondering what a featured snippet is then know this that the featured snippet is a summary of the answer searched by the user. It comes on the top on Google’s first page shown with the title and URL of the webpage. The top link of the first page comes after the featured snippet.

Furthermore, the SEO tools will let you create, import and export 301 redirects. When you create a new URL of an existing page, 301 redirect leads the visitor from the old URL to the new URL.

Volusion Support

Volusion is considered one of the best customer support providers in the market. It mostly relies on  phone call support which is available from 7 am till 10 pm (CST). Moreover, keep this in mind that phone call support is not available in the personal pricing plan. If you require instant help and can’t avail the phone call support service then look for Youtube help videos and Volusion knowledge base. Volusion has a help centre.

Volusion Support
Credits: https://help.volusion.com/en/

Just enter the keywords in the search bar and you’ll see results of your query.

Another reason why Volusion is considered one of the best for customer support is its live chat support and email support. Volusion also follows-up, giving it a competitive advantage over others.

Youtube tutorials and a community forum where users answer queries based on their experience is another service of Volusion.


Volusion takes your site’s security seriously. Thus, it has made proper arrangements to keep your site secure from almost all aspects, especially for confidential information. Most of the security tools offered by Volusion are free. Meaning you don’t need to sign-up for SSL security plans.

Apart from SSL, Volusion is PCI certified. That means all the credit card information would be secured free of cost.

Volusion offers custom SSL (domain remains the same even for checkout page) while its competitors like Shopify offer shared SSL (customer would be redirected to a different domain) for a checkout.

Volusion Blog

One of the biggest reasons that would dissuade you from opting for Volusion. Blogging is a known marketing tool for the success of an online store and Volusion simply does not provide this platform to its users. However, you can always embed a blog into your e-commerce store, though it could consume a lot of your time.

Volusion Pricing

Volusion offers four paid plans and a 14-days free trial. You can explore the platform during the free trial period. All you need to do to avail this opportunity is to simply sign-up and get access to use this online store-builder.

The four paid plans are:

  • Personal
  • Professional
  • Startup
  • Business


The personal plan would cost you around $29 per month; however, you can save $3 per month ($26 per month) if you pay for three months in advance.

The following are its features:

  • No transaction fees
  • Online support
  • Unlimited products and storage


This plan is available for $79 per month. Though you can save $8 per month ($71 per month) if you pay three months in advance. The following are its features:

  • Abandoned cart reports
  • No transaction fees
  • Phone and online support
  • Unlimited products and storage


This plan is basically for growing businesses that need precise management. With this plan you’ll get:

  • 3rd party gateways
  • Abandoned cart reports
  • No transaction fees
  • Traffic growth consultation
  • Priority support
  • Unlimited products and storage
  • $150/month in quick wins

However, this is an expensive plan that will cost you $299 per month. If you can afford to pay three months in advance then your monthly cost will be $269 – a savings of $30 per month.


With this plan you will get:

  • 3rd party gateways
  • Abandoned cart reports
  • No transaction fees
  • Phone and online support
  • Unlimited products and storage
  • $50/month in quick wins

You will pay $179 per month for this plan or $161 per month if you pay three months in advance (you’ll save $18 per month).

Volusion Pricing
Credits: https://www.volusion.com/pricing


To sum up, Volusion’s biggest strengths are its abundance of applications, tools and widgets. Moreover, you have the option to integrate any tool you would want for your store.

It offers multiple useful e-commerce features such as POS, inventory management tools, tax and shipping tools, etc.

Volusion’s biggest weakness is that it’s not beginner-friendly. If you are not a developer, you can miss many opportunities that Volusion provides when it comes to making changes through code editing. Not offering a blog platform is another major drawback.

However, it is advised that you first try out this platform for free and assess for yourself the viability of this software for your online business.

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