Duda Website Review: A must-read review before you start with Duda

Duda Website Review: A must-read review before you start with Duda

If you are wondering how Duda works? Should you consider it for your website building project? Would it enable you to build your website faster? Then you’ve landed on the right page. This article is a comprehensive Duda website review, including its features, pros & cons and more.

What is Duda?

Duda has been offering its website building services since 2009. It provides other products and services to web professionals and someone that needs to create websites for clients. However, its flagship product is “Website Building”.

Duda: Basic Features

Duda offers three plans:

  • Basic
  • Team
  • Agency

And while Duda does not offer a free plan, it does offer a 14-day free trial plan for those interested. With your paid plans you get your personal or custom domain. Moreover, Duda does not impose any ads on its paid users.

One of the distinguishing features of Duda is its unlimited bandwidth. Unlike many of its competitors which offer limited bandwidth that can be increased only with an upgraded plan, Duda offers unlimited bandwidth for all of its users.

It also offers a free web hosting facility. Furthermore, Duda lets you add unlimited websites as well as pages.

Duda: Ease of Use

Duda is an easy to use website builder. Its editor is based on drag and drop design. That means you just drag and drop the elements (which are termed as widgets by Duda) on the site. The editor is structured, which means you have less freedom to drop elements anywhere you want. However, it is highly intuitive and would let you complete your task faster.

Moreover, everything is right in front of you. You can preview the site at any point of editing. The interesting part is you can preview all the screens. Not only this, you can preview all the screens at once or individually as well.   

Another interesting feature of Duda website builder is adding the comments. If you are working in a team, you can leave comments for your team members while editing, which can then be replied by your team members. Once the matter is resolved, you can “resolve” it.

Unlike many other website builders, Duda editor would let you undo and redo your edits, just like Microsoft Office. That would ultimately help you save time while building your site.

If you want to edit using your coding skills, you can do so.  

Duda Templates

Duda has a number of beautifully designed templates for the following categories:

  • Business
  • Events
  • Lifestyle
  • Travel
  •  Portfolio
  • Restaurant
  • Online Store
  • Services
  • Community
  • One Pager

Every single template carries a name describing you the purpose or the industry it belongs to. Duda continues to work on its templates and launch new templates time by time. 

In addition, you can design your own template using the blank theme provided by Duda.

Duda: Customer Service

Duda has various touchpoints to help its users build their website. 

Duda starts its customer service the day you create your Duda account. They will give you a call to know about your concerns. So, make sure you enter your correct phone number while signing up for the account.

It also has its help center. Just enter your keyword and get the help. This is the quickest way to get help without the help of any representative.    

Apart from the help center, you can also get customer support through:

  • Email
  • FAQs
  • Live Chat
  • Phone Call

Their email support can take around 2-6 hours. It is available from Monday to Friday from 12 AM to 6 PM PST.

You can also call them using their given number. Their English language phone call support is available for 18 hours. Below is the schedule of the English language phone call assistance as well as support phone numbers for different countries. 

If you want support calls in your language, you can send them an email to know whether the support call is available in your language.

Duda also provides help through webinars where many support videos are shared.

Note: Phone support and live chat support is available only for Pro account users

Duda: Marketing

Duda makes marketing easier for you. There are a number of widgets you get with Duda that makes your site more customer-oriented.

Duda has the following marketing widgets:

  • Click to call -  Let your customers get in touch with you via a phone call
  • Click to Email -  Customer can send an email with just a click
  • Maps -  Add your detailed location and let your customer find you
  • Multi-location -  Do you have more than one location? The multi-location widget would help you add them on your site  
  • Schedule appointment -  It makes easy for your customer to schedule an appointment with you
  • Business Hours -  Let your customer know about your business hours
  • Paypal -  For secure transactions
  • Yelp Review -  Let your customers leave their review regarding your products or services
  • Contact Form -  Create a contact form 

These are just a few of many more.

Duda: Blogs

With Duda, building a blog is just one click away.

However, comments are enabled through Facebook comments Plugin.  

Managing a blog with Duda is simpler and easier. Just click the “Blog” and everything would be right in front of you. 

You don’t need to struggle with adding a new post, managing posts, blog settings and layout editing.

This would also let you add multiple authors.

Duda: Multilingual Support 

The greatest strength of Duda is its multiple language support, more than 55, which is a lot. 

Many website builders support multiple languages but that affects their SEO. Duda supports multiple languages that are SEO-friendly. This support is available in all the plans.

Duda basically uses Google Translate and translates the website. It gives you the option to edit if you need any changes in the translation.

Duda: E-commerce

Based on WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) interface, Duda has made online store building easy. 

Its plans include 10 products. However, you can increase them from 100 to unlimited articles.  These add-ons are not free though. Keeping in view your store needs, you can choose the package accordingly.


These add-ons come with multiple interesting e-commerce features. These features are:

Data Management

You can import and export product data as well as export customer and order data in the CSV file.

Payment Gateways

It offers 40+ payments gateways. These payment gateways cover a lot of countries. That means you can sell your products internationally.

These gateways include:

  • Paypal (200+ supported countries)
  • Stripe (20+ supported countries)
  • Square (USA, Canada, Australia, UK, Japan)
  • Chase Integrated Payment (Powered by WePay) (USA, Canada, UK, EU and Australia)
  • 2Checkout (200+ supported countries)
  • First Data Global Gateway e4 (140+ supported countries)
  • Payeezy (USA, EU)
  • Allied Wallet (190+ supported countries)

Interestingly, there are no transaction charges. With Duda whatever you earn belongs to you.

Shipping and Tax Calculation

With Duda, there is an automatic shipping and tax calculation. However, this calculation is limited to certain countries such as the USA, Canada, UK, EU and Australia. 

You can also configure manually the shipping or tax zones, rates and rules. Your customers can also choose the shipping provider in real-time and how they want to pay for it (flat rate or based on weight).

Duda has some of the top shipping providers on board such as: 

  • UPS 
  • USPS 
  • FedEx 
  • Canada Post 
  • EMS Russian Post 
  • Correios & Australia Post    

Catalogue Management

You can present your products with multiple options available. For example, there are dropdowns, radio buttons, texts and checkboxes.

Some plans also let you sell eGoods and digital downloadable products such as videos, audios, ebooks and images, etc. Not only this, but they also provide digital download protection.

With Duda, you can also create your online store in multiple languages with multi-currency support.


Duda online store would let you create discount coupons and allows volume discounts and multi-tier prices. Discount for customer groups is only offered by the most expensive e-commerce Duda plan.

Syncing stores with the US and RU eBay is being offered only in top tier plans.  

Moreover, your customers can share products, purchases and more on social media.

Mobile Store Management App

Duda provides store management apps for IOS to its expensive plan users.


Duda allows customers as well as administrators to track order history. An order’s email notifications can be sent to multiple recipients. You can customize these notifications as well.

It allows your customers to edit order details even after purchase. They can track their payments and shipping status.

You can view abandoned carts, add internal notes to an order, and get a low stock notification, etc.

Duda’s e-commerce plans cover a lot more. You can check it out here    

Duda: Analytics

It is often the case that with easy, drag & drop builders you only get limited site stats and therefore have to rely on services such as Google Analytics to get a deeper insight into the traffic on your website. 

Although Duda offers the possibility of using Google Analytics as well, you may not have to rely too heavily on it as Duda boasts truly impressive built-in analytics, which allows: 

  • Track visits
  • Page views 
  • View full website 
  • Individual page stats 
  • Location of your visitors 
  • Device used to access your site

Duda: SEO

Duda websites are SEO friendly since all relevant settings can be adjusted to match your needs. Google likes Duda SSL-encrypts, which can boost your rankings.

Automatic sitemaps, Open Graph integration with Facebook and LinkedIn, customizable metadata, image alternate text, and support for 301 redirects come with most plans.

So how does Duda up your SEO game? 

It does it by:

  • Letting you have full control of page titles
  • Letting you customize your URL
  • Letting you control keywords and meta descriptions 
  • Automatically creating sitemaps for your websites 

Duda has a very useful feature called Vary: user-agent, which notifies search engines which content a particular visitor should receive depending on their browsing device.

Another useful feature is called robots.txt, that notifies search engines which pages to index.

If you are switching from an old website, 301 redirects are there to redirect you from the old URL to the new one created with Duda.

Duda: Bonus Features

A few more reasons to be with Duda

  • Single click installation of SSL certificates
  • Creation of your site’s backups for some extra editing - always having the option of returning to the previous version
  • Creation of new websites by duplicating your existing site - helps you save time and energy
  • Uploaded images automatically resized to load quickly on any device 
  • Option of choosing free stock images from the library with the ability to upload them from any URL, create a new gallery and change the layout and image sliders

Duda: Pricing

Duda does not offer any free plan. However, to explore and understand the platform, it offers a 14 day free trial. After your trial period ends, you will have to select from one of the paid plans listed below.


Duda basic plan would cost you around $19/month or $14/month if billed annually. That means if you pay annually a total of $168, you will be saving $60 a year.

This plan includes 1 site; however, it would cost you almost another “Basic plan” for an additional website.


Duda’s Team plan is considered as the best value. This is the plan that is being added in the free trial. That means you can explore every feature of this plan in a 14 day trial period.

However, after 14 days it would cost you around $29/month or $22/month if billed annually. So, instead of $348 annually, you would rather pay $264 with the savings of $84. 

In this plan, you would be getting: 

  • 1 site (Additional site would cost you $13/mo or $9.75 in an annual billing plan)
  • 4 team members
  • White label platform
  • Tools to collaborate with your team (Such as members comments, etc.)


The Agency plan is for bigger projects with large teams.

It would cost you around $99/month, however, you can make it to $74/month if you pay annually. Saving $300 over the year is not a bad deal.

With this plan, you’d get:

  • 8 Sites
  • The additional site would cost you $11/mo or $8.25 if billed annually
  • 10 team members
  • White label platform
  • Team collaboration tools
  • Widget Builder
  • API access and Site support
  • Dynamic Pages



Duda website builder is beginner-friendly that is equally suited for professionals as well.

For the experts, Duda offers customization options and advanced features, while enabling the beginners to completely do away with this and build a perfectly functional website in minutes. 

With your website on Duda, you’d get support, detailed site stats and a number of useful marketing and SEO tools. Couple this with free hosting, unlimited bandwidth, and affordable prices, and Duda seems like a perfect option for website building. 

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Static and dynamic content editing

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