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How to Use this Video Cutter

Upload. Repurpose. Publish. Monotonous work which previously took
hours can now be smartly done in minutes.



Upload your own video or search videos from multiple channels.


Video converts into text. Select the best parts. Tool converts them into bite-sized videos.


Download videos and publish on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others.

Upload Video or use above Search to find videos from your
favourite sites for example youtube, vimeo etc

Why Use this Tool?

Time-saving, AI-based technology which smartly cuts down a video into smallervideos.
This video cutter makes this boring work fun.

Anyone can Use

Simply upload a video and press the right buttons. It does the rest. It is as simple as that.


The Intelligent Way to Cut Down a Video

This tool applies its “brain” – a machine learning algorithm (NLP), while cutting down a video. There is no mindless video editing with this tool.

Smart Editing Done Better

This app doesn’t have the final say, you do. You can manually
edit a set of smartly cut down videos quickly.

Online Video Eidtor

This web app comes in handy
when you need to cut a small
video file. It does not require
installation, and it works in
your browser.

Upload File that You
Want to Split

Login to Keevi and
start creating a new video
project. Or hit this link to do
both at once: Get started now.

One Click Cut to
Video Clip

Cropping allows you to frame
the video to the desired area
or change frame proportions.

Unwanted Parts

After applying cut to your file,
you can choose the quality
every feature is just one or
two clicks away.

Publish Edited

When you’re happy with your
edit, Render the finished file
and publish it.

Free to use

Our application will always
remain free. You don’t have to
buy a license or pay for extra
features or downloads.

Other tools to create stunning videos

following are some of our other free tools you can use to perform
various tasks and create stunning videos.

Resize your videos

Each social media platform will have its own requirements for video posting. With Keevi video editor, you can resize your videos accordingly.

Add subtitles to your videos

Some viewers prefer to watch a video with audio.This tool helps you add subtitles to your videos meant for Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, etc.

Add images to your video

This is an excellent tool to add a picture of your brand logo onto your video.

Add text to your videos

This feature will help your viewers “read” your video. This is a great way to emphasize a point in your video or highlight a section.

Add stickers to your video

By adding animation or a still sticker, you can decorate your videos, and make them cooler.

Adjust your video

With this tool, you can change your videos’ brightness, contrast and saturation.

Add audio/sounds to your video

If you are trying to grab your viewers attention, add music or sound to your video. With this tool, you can add or replace background music in a video file.

Set Layout for video display

Choosing the best layout for your video is important as this is how your visitors will view your content.

See it for yourself

Try it free. No credit card required. Instant setup.

Frequently Asked Questions

Traditionally, video editors had to go through an entire video looking for interesting and most important bits of information. Then they made smaller videos of those most important bits and uploaded them onto an online editor. This was a time consuming process, which was tedious as well as frustrating.

With a video cutter, this process has been automated. Now a video can be cut into publish ready, bite-sized videos within minutes.

It uses a machine learning algorithm (NLP), which enables it to smartly cut down a video into smaller videos.

For example, if a video is periodically cut down at regular intervals, the resulting smaller videos may not be liked by the viewers. This is because the video is cut without applying mind. What this app does is that it cuts down a longer video into shorter videos smartly – each video contains the most important bits of the longer video.

This app, instead of mindlessly cutting down a video at regular intervals would instead cut down (for example) a 45 minute video into 12 smaller videos, where 10 videos are of only 30 seconds, while the rest 2 are 20 minutes long. The app applies its “mind” by keeping the most important bits and discarding the irrelevant chunks.

Simple yet powerful way to grow
your business in a matter of minutes.

Try it free. No credit card required. Instant setup.

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