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Accurately converts YouTube videos, speeches, lectures, dictations, conference calls,
podcasts, interviews, documentaries, recordings and more into text within minutes.

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No Switching

There’s no going back and forth between
the media player and the editor.

Interactive Timestamps

Inserting the current timestamp
is only a shortcut away.

Automatically Saved

Changes made to transcription are automatically saved every second.

AI Powered App Which Ensures High Accuracy

This app ensures 90% accuracy for files with clean audio, and 80% for others.


Our platform is simple, easy
to use and understand.


Your data is safe with us. We use the best security (encryption) to keep your data secure.


90% accuracy in 30 minutes
(for files shorter than 2 hours).

What is Keevi Transcribe?

Keevi’s speech-to-text service makes any audio and video file searchable, editable and shareable.

With Keevi, you can now transcribe a YouTube video, lecture, podcast and much more into text, within minutes and with 90% accuracy. Even a different language is now no barrier as Keevi translates files of 10+ languages into your language.

How can we serve you today?

Transcription. Translation. Data Annotation. Speech Recognition.


We provide an array of speech-to-text services
that can be used in a
variety of fields and in multiple languages.


Accurate and quick,
we translate all types
of documents and audio
in 10+ languages.

Data Annotation

We annotate all kinds of text, audio, image and other data for your artificial intelligence and machine learning training needs.

Speech Recognition

Accurate and quick,
our speech recognition service provides automated transcription free of cost.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A transcription is the written version of a video, speech, lecture, dictation, conference call, podcast, interview, documentary, or recording, etc. While translation requires communication of meaning from one language to another.

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Try it free. No credit card required. Instant setup.

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